We have landed in Atlanta!!!!  Yay!!!  See you all in about 5 hours :). Looking forward to sharing our amazing stories about what God did this week in our lives and in the lives of the Guatemalan people!!!  God is good – He is the Great I Am and we are so thankful for His great love for us!!!

Cant wait to see you!!!


Medical Clinic – Sunday

Hi everyone,

Yesterday was our last “official” day of ministry to the people of Guatemala.  It was once again a relaxing morning as we spent time in personal devotions preparing our hearts and minds for another day of ministry. We were able to hear how God has worked in the lives of the people here and IT. WAS. GOOD. It always is, isn’t it?

We loaded up the vans, took our meds (for our rollercoaster of a ride), and headed into the village to share God’s love with His beautiful people.  Man, pulling up and seeing the smiles on the faces of these folks…wowza! Everyone is eager to help us get the supplies from the vans and be useful in any way they can. There were lots of kids eager to play and we were pleasantly surprised that the adults were just as anxious to be hands with us.  What a blessing that while some of us were getting needed medication to the people, there were others who were able to play games, color, paint nails, do hair…oh, joyous day! God moved in all of us. Love was shared and….wait for it—IT WAS GOOD.

Tim was able to get a game of football going with the men of the village and a blast was had by all.  He taught them to shout, “butterfinger” when they dropped the ball and the laughter that ensued was infectious.

You would think that our first world influence in this country would be that of the sanitation, health and hygiene….Jesus. Nope, it was iPhones.  One of our devotions here talked about how our world can revolve around our Apple devices, but if you look at that icon, notice that it reminds us of Adam and Eve in the garden and the fall of man.  The forbidden fruit that was eaten….while we worshiped in song, you would not believe the number of phones that were out recording us. There were villagers who had facebook on their phones asking us for our names to friend request us—what???  It might be VERY interesting to see what might happen, especially since the majority of us do not speak Spanish :).

As we packed up the medication from the medical clinic, cleaned up the crayons and coloring books, we began to show The Jesus film.  There were many distractions as the kids were running around and babies crying, but we kept praying for the distractions to stop, for the babies to be quiet.  The movie finished and our whole team went to the front and began singing in English a few worship songs and then began to share some testimonies.  In the middle of Nico’s testimony, the skies opened up and it began to pour. Thunder and Lightening were all around us as we quickly ushered people under our tiny roof where we were standing.  We had kids sitting on the floor, people sitting close to each other – we made it work.  As Nico continued, we began interceding for the rain to stop, for distractions to cease and for the people’s hearts to be softened to hear the Good News of Jesus.  It was a hard night as satan was trying his best to distract as Pablo was preaching the Good News so passionately, but the Power of our Almighty God prevailed as Men, Women and children stood up to receive Jesus into their lives to be their Personal Lord and Savior.  All of Heaven was rejoicing as satan was defeated and people’s lives were altered for Eternity.  It was a powerful night and we are thankful to have been given the opportunity to be Christ’s hands and feet.  Our lives have been challenged and changed as we have experienced the power of Christ in us and seeing the Holy Spirit move and work in the lives of these precious people who said Yes to Jesus!  Praise the Lord!!!  He is the GREAT I AM and we serve a Powerful and Almighty God!

Today we will be heading into the city of Antigua for a day of shopping at the market and then closing our time together in worship one last time.  Our God is so GREAT and we are all thankful for our team – our team that God hand picked to be together this week to work, worship, pray and grow together.  We are thankful for our new friends and thankful for the week we have shared together.  In one way, we came here as strangers and now are leaving as friends, as Brothers and Sisters in Christ!  THANKFUL, THANKFUL, THANKFUL for ALL God has done!

Medical Clinic – Saturda

Hello everyone – just to update everyone real quick on our first Medical Clinic/Outreach Village day as we are just getting back (after midnight) – needless to say, we are tired, taking showers and heading to bed!  Our day started with packing suitcases and organizing all of the supplies that we needed for our day – beanie babies, toothbrushes, candy, brushes, craft supplies, coloring books etc…Some of us worked on preparing the medications that we needed to bring with us today, making sandwiches and preparing bags of beans and rice that we handed out to each family.  Many of us went down to the orphanage and played with the children and held the babies – wow is that a busy place 🙂  So much joy and energy on these little faces and it was fun to be play with them.  This morning was also spent in worship, prayer and teaching as we prepared our hearts and minds for what God was calling us to do today.

After lunch, we loaded the vans and embarked on a 3 hour bumpy van ride, especially as we got closer to the village.  In a nutshell, today was another spiritually and emotionally exhausting day as we interceded relentlessly for these precious people.  We set up the Medical Clinic and met with each family as Dan and his staff listened and cared for them physically by passing out medicines that will help heal their bodies.  It was a rainy day, on and off but God’s timing is perfect as the rain held off so we could be outside playing with the children.  It was fun to kick the soccer ball around, throw a frisbee, pass out beanie babies and suckers, paint fingernails and color pictures with the children.  It was muddy and dirty but no one cared as we sat on the dirty ground and tossed dirty balls in the air. The people were very welcoming and kind – there were lots of smiles and even baby holding 🙂  As it got darker, we packed up the clinic and set up the movie projector, gathered the people and watched the Jesus film.  When this began, the skies opened up and rain came pouring down – we were thankful that we had a roof, although broken with holes in it over our heads and that the Jesus film could be shown, testimonies given and the Gospel of Jesus Christ presented.  Talk about a powerful night…the Holy Spirit moved in the hearts and lives of these village people as the gospel message was given.  We were surrounding the people and interceding for souls to be won for Christ.  Let me tell you…the entire village stood up and came forward to accept Jesus into their lives as their personal Lord and Savior.  What a sight, what an answer to prayer – Praise the Lord!  He is good and Heaven is rejoicing.

Thank you for your prayers – they are being felt and lives are being changed, including ours!  The power of prayer and of Christ in us is amazing and we are so excited to be a part of it!  Thank you Jesus!  Please keep us in your prayers as we get the privilege to do it all again tomorrow – can’t wait!

Good night everyone, or I guess I should say, Good Morning 🙂




Rocked a couple babies to sleep in the orphanage and packaged lots of pills to distribute at the medical clinic today. We are so aware of the prayers being prayed for us. Injuries have been minor and sunburns not too bad. Most of us are sleeping well and staying healthy. Our leaders tried to prepare us for dedication day yesterday but most of us first timers were overcome with emotions in home after home. Keep praying for us. We need your prayers.

Nancy C

Dedication Day – Day 3

Thank you all for your prayers today – they were heard by our Almighty God as every family accepted the Lord Jesus Christ into their lives today and a couple of family members re-dedicating their lives to the Lord!!  We stand in awe of the power of prayer, the power of the Holy Spirit and the power of lives being changed as we were a small part of ushering these precious people into the Kingdom of Heaven!  We can just imagine the party going on in Heaven tonight!

It is quite an exhausting, but at the same time exhilarating, to be a part of something that changes lives, not only for today, but for eternity!  Dedication day is hard to describe… for we weren’t fighting flesh and blood today but against the spiritual forces of darkness. Most of the homes, when we began to pray and lay hands on the house, the animals would act up and begin to make a lot of noise and try to distract us. The same with the children… crying babies… angry dogs barking, roosters crowing, and horns honking loudly, and even other music playing. One house our worship music suddenly died and so we began to sing. The enemy tried his best to detour us but GOD is greater and prevailed EACH and EVERY TIME!!! The most amazing part was when at a few houses the moment the people said yes that they wanted to accept Christ, a light rain began as if washing all things new. Then suddenly the rain would stop when we were done. You could sense the Holy Spirit there at every moment. God’s Word IS ALIVE and active and we all saw this first hand today.

Please continue to pray for these families for there was much resistance today and they will need prayers for encouragement in their new walk with Christ.  We heard numerous times from our families that we changed their lives, but at the same time, our lives have been changed because of them.

We serve a Mighty, Awesome, Magnificent, Powerful, Loving and Almighty God – He is the GREAT I AM and when we call upon His name, He is Mighty to Save!!!!

Building Day 2

Building day 2….otherwise known as stucco day! Today started with our last dry wall coat/sanding/preparing our house for final touches! Throughout the day, people came to put in windows, doors, and a roof. We traveled around as a group to stucco the houses and had a good assembly line going! We went back to our own houses and painted the inside with the blue/green color. Then, we had tostadas! Yum! We went to our own houses to decorate with verses, flowers, pictures, and whatever the family wanted. At first, the family hung back and watched the teams paint, but soon everyone got involved! We celebrated a productive day with pizza at the base. Off to devos I go!

Taylor J.

Building Day 1

Hi everyone, today was such an incredible day filled with sunshine, sunburn and lots of hard work – I’m pretty sure we will all sleep well tonight!.  Today was an early day as we woke up at 5:30am, spent time in personal devotions and headed out for a full day of building by 6:30.  Our homes are pretty spread out this time and so there’s a lot of walking up hill and down hill on dusty roads – burning lots of calories 🙂  Our ride to the village took about 50 minutes but is really only 1 mile away – it takes that long because the roads are not like our back in America 🙂  No pot hole complaining anymore from us!!  All 5 building groups worked hard and were able to get a good start on building.  We began by putting together the 4 walls, sheet rock, 2 coats of mud, sanding, lots of drilling and building relationships with each other.  We are currently building in the village of Tonayuhu (sp) where teams from other churches have been building for the past 1 1/2 years.  The people are so kind and love to chip in and help as well.  The children LOVE dulce (candy) and come running when they see us pull out a bag of candy or give a sucker to one child.  We are looking forward to spending time in worship tonight praising our Lord and Savior and growing deeper in our relationship with Him – the God who called each of us here!l Tomorrow is another full day of work as we will get to Stucco the homes together – it’s always such a messy, but very fun day!!

Thank you for your continued prayers as we continue to serve the Lord and His precious people in Guatemala!